About Us

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now we’re cooking is a not-for-profit community interest company that operates in the six county area of the English East Midlands.

We offer inclusive, free or subsidised cooking activities to diverse community groups.

We run sessions for approximately six people to learn to cook together. We then sit and eat together, chat and make new friends.

Our aims are:

    • To improve people’s health and well-being – to leave people happier and healthier
    •  To enable and encourage people to cook healthy and affordable food
    • To develop people’s life skills and confidence
    • To enable people within a community to make connections and friendships
    • To reach and include a wide range of people


Who we are

now we’re cooking is a Community Interest Company set up in 2019 by Allie Moors.

The NWC team…

Vickie Minion

Vickie Minion is the Chair of now we’re cooking. She has years of experience as a social worker and manager supporting older people and adults with disabilities. She brings enthusiasm, encouragement and lots of ideas to our project.

Oonagh McKay

Oonagh MacKay is an independent Social Worker and trainer. She has worked in local government, Health, the Voluntary Sector and Academia focussing on improving outcomes for people with learning disabilities, Adult Safeguarding and mental capacity. “I am motivated by and get my enthusiasm for life from a desire to be useful to and work alongside folk not for them and not telling them what’s good for them. I prefer to help them recognise their strengths and reach their own goals. I have always preferred to work in a cooperative and collegial model“.

David Wells

Dave Wells is a recently-retired teacher who spent most of his 36 years in education working with children with special needs. He is also a Green campaigner and Green Party candidate. He brings to the team a passion for empowering people, especially vulnerable groups.

Ruth Bamford

Ruth Bamford is an Agricultural Bank Manager.  She has worked with her clients to enable them to grow their businesses and supported them in hard times. She brings a wealth of financial knowledge and relationship skills to the team.

  Julie Wozniecki

Julie works for an environmental charity, making our river environment more enjoyable for people and better for wildlife. She works closely with a variety of government and non-government organisations, community groups and businesses. Before that she was a social worker and manager for many years, working with children, young people and families. She also loves sharing food and a few drinks with friends and family.

  Allie Moors

Allie is a keen cook and she enjoys passing on a love a cooking using affordable ingredients so that people can cook tasty, healthy meals at home either for themselves or for big families



Cooking and prep image by Katie Smith on Unsplash