Coffee and chat with Allie

Welcome to our new film and conversation page.

We are creating a series of short films, about food, preparation and sharing, that everyone can join in with. Our second film, ‘Leeky pasta bake‘ is below.

Below you will find some more useful recipes – as well as some links to ideas we are developing.

if you have completed one of our cooking courses, see below how we can get together for ‘coffee and chat with Allie‘, in our virtual now we’re cooking kitchen.

Use our contact us page to let us know what you think.

  Moroccan Stew – from nwc

Great flavours and gentle spices in this North African inspired dish.

BBC Good Food – one of our favourite sites, variations on a theme.

Saga Magazine – cooking with couscous at any age?

The curry – from nwc

Curry, fantastic any time, but great with a film and a glass of chilled coconut water!

Wikipedia – the origins of curry


BBC Good Food – a whole basket of curry variations, something for everyone…

The Spaghetti Bolognaise – nwc style

Go spaghetti with friends and family?

Olive Magazine – a collection of great ideas

All recipes UK – simple and elegant ways with spaghetti

The omelette – simple, quick, delicious

Get creative with your eggs any time of day!

BBC Good Food:  reliable omelette ideas…


The Incredible Egg: the basic French omelette


Leeky Pasta Bake, quick, tasty and easy to do…

Featured simple pasta recipes – great any-time food!

recipetineats: 8 quick and easy pasta recipes…


girlgonegourmet: Dinner for one, easy pasta with olive oil and garlic


Quartering a chicken, ready for the grill.

Featured barbecue chicken recipes – great summer food!

BBC Good Food: always a great source of good ideas and great tastes.


Jamie Oliver: we like Jamie’s style and relaxed approach to cooking.


Getting together in the nwc virtual kitchen:

We get together in our virtual now we’re cooking kitchen over a cup coffee, some home-made biscuits, and talk together about food, cooking and what you would like to see .

We had our first coffee and chat last week – went down well. We used the video, solved some problems, had a quiz, set a challenge for this week…said Allie.

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  • You use the Zoom app to join in!
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You can find out how to use our on-line collaboration app and software below.

How to use Zoom.

Zoom says ‘Enable quick adoption with meeting capabilities that make it easy to start, join, and collaborate across any device‘.

We say ‘Simply put – get your invite and join your friends in the now we’re cooking kitchen  – truly simples‘.

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‘We’ll be sending some more invitations soon…

See you in the now we’re cooking virtual kitchen?’


chicken icon: ibrandify, PK - barbeque icon: KMG Design, ID - group meeting icon: Jean-Philippe Babaroc, FR - film icon: Edward Boatman, US - all from the noun project.