Extending our food horizons…

Pasta on a plate…

We are ranging a little further with our food ideas, as we approach the seasonal holidays.

We hope our courses and the information on our web pages has stimulated your interest in our work, and in discovering simple recipes and fresh food. You can contact us here.

Today we look at web pages that feature grandma’s cooking, Italian takes on simple recipes and a Polish web site offering a wide range of food ideas from another community.

(…did you know you can translate our web pages into a hundred languages, including Italian and Polish, by simply using the ‘translate button’, at the top of every page?...Ed.)

Cooking with Granny

This is a food TV station, giving the visitor insights into a world of food ideas and warming recipes from an international set of grandma’s.

We loved Grandma Sahni’s cheese creation, and can almost sense the vegetarian’s in the family queueing for a taste.

See more at http://cookingwithgranny.tv/

Juls’ Kitchen

This is a welcoming site from Giulia and Tommaso in Tuscany in Italy.

There is a very nice article on preparing for Christmas in the kitchen, as well as the launch of their ‘cookie swap’. See more here. What a great idea.

‘This year we managed to organise the Cookie Swap quite in advance, compared to the last time, in 2017. Two years ago, we had more than 70 participants, from Italy, Canada, France, Hungary, from England and the United States. We hope to be able to reach, and perhaps surpass, the number of participants of 2017: help us by sharing the initiative, so that in the days before Christmas there will be many little parcels of cookies travelling around Italy, Europe, and the whole world, bringing a smile and some sweetness to those who will receive them’.

This is a really simple recipe, using eggs and tomato puree. Great for creating your own Italian festive table.

See more at https://en.julskitchen.com/recipe-index

Serving Dumplings

Strawberry toast for breakfast?

This site from Poland, the creation of  Anna in Krakow, offers the visitor more adventurous recipes and food ideas. But the site also has a range of quick, 15 minute or 30 minute ideas, that offer a fresh insight into using simple ingredients.

We liked the breakfast dish French Toast with Roasted Strawberries and Rhubarb. If the fruit is out of season, you can be imaginative with your substitutions, as the recipe is constructed from a base of bread, eggs, sugar and Greek yoghurt.

(If I was having breakfast in Poland, it would be hard to rush away from the table, I think…Ed).

See more here https://www.servingdumplings.com/

We’ll be back in the East Midlands for our next food encounter…see you then!

Breakfast toast image courtesy of servingdumplings.com
Pasta on plate image by Brooke Lark: Unsplash, Creative Commons